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DFU-Programmer tips & tricks

November 19th, 2011 4 comments

I recently got a Atmel AT90USBKey to play around with.  I’m going to use it to prototype a USB controller for the MRF49XA transceiver I made a while ago.  That post is still in progress, but I had trouble getting started with DFU-Programmer on the mac, so I thought I’d make a post about those problems so it may help others having the same trouble.  I know that I found next-to-nothing when I was googling for it. Read more…

RF Transceiver using the MRF49XA

December 8th, 2010 121 comments

Transceiver breakout boards

I’m just finishing up my last class ever!!!  (for credit, anyway.)  It was a really fun, mostly because I decided to have fun with my last class, and make it a 4/5 (undergrad/graduate).  This meant that it was much easier and less theory-heavy than those that I’m used to.  Anyway, as a grad student, I was expected to do something extra, and I decided to make a RF transceiver module.  I looked around for a little while, and I settled on the Microchip MRF49XA.  In general, it’s a nice chip.  It has about the same capability as the Micrel MICRF6xx modules that I’ve used in the past.  The Micrel modules cost $20/ea. and the Microchip IC is around $3.  I was able to make the whole breakout board for the MRF49XA for less than the Micrel module alone.  One of these days, I should dig out my notes from the Micrel project and post them, but I digress.  I noticed a distinct lack of programming information using the MRF49XA, so I’m posting not only my schematic and PCB, but the software library I wrote for the Atmel AVRmega. Read more…